Welcome to BlueFit Health Club - BayFit Leisure Centre

October 12, 2018

About us:

Don’t Just Join a Gym…Join a Family!

With the mission to Inspire Community Activity, BlueFit Health Club is a warm and friendly fitness facility. We believe that excellent customer service is a critical component of any health club. Our staff and programs are focussed on inspiring all members to achieve and exceed their goals, whilst having fun in the process! No matter your age, shape, size or fitness level, we will welcome you to the BlueFit family and provide you with the tools and support to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle!

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5 Steps to success

Once you become a member of our club, you have access to a range of programs and services to help you begin your fitness journey. Our unique 5 Steps to Success program is designed to welcome and familiarize new members with our club and to provide a starting point for short and long terms goals. The best thing is that all this is part of your membership and with no extra cost!


(60min) An Orientation to assess your goals, take some basic measurements, develop a strategy and give you a personal program to start you on your journey to success.


(30 min) A Supervised Workout to take you through your personal program to ensure you feel comfortable with the exercises in your program.


Join our free seminars every 3 to 4 months, where our trained dieticians will assist you with a basic food plan, menus and resources to help you develop a suitable nutrition plan.


(30 min) A Complimentary Personal Training session for a one-on-one workout with your trainer to start challenging you to reach levels of training you’ve never thought possible.


(30min) A Program Review to assess your progress and alter your exercise plan after 6-8 weeks.

Membership Cards

We will issue you with a new membership card at your first visit

Group Fitness

The weekly Group Fitness program remains with the exception of one class replacement planned before BlueFit arrived.

Please check the online group fitness timetable here.

Membership Payments

Your Debit Success payments will continue as normal. At some point in the coming weeks we will transfer all current members over to the BlueFit system of direct debit payments in advance occurring every second Friday. This will take a little calculation by our team when you visit, so to ensure you are not paying for any period twice.

More information on the facility and memberships will be communicated in the coming weeks. Until then, please see our friendly team at reception and in the health club with any questions you may have.