Boot Camp is a group based outdoor training program focused on achieving personal results! It is an 8 week program where you can work through your own goals in strength and fitness while training hard in a team environment.

What is involved in the session?

Each Boot Camp week is different. We mix together functional training techniques with resistance equipment to give you the best workout possible.

During Boot Camp you will familiarise yourself with battle ropes, tyres, sand bags, TRX equipment and resistance bands in a fast pace circuit that mixes high intensity interval training (HIIT), tabata and plyometric exercises. These exercises incorporated with our unique beach training sessions and fitness testing sessions makes the hour class more enjoyable to get through!

Can anyone do it?

It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, anyone can participate in Boot Camp! If you do have any injuries or pre-existing medical conditions, please be sure to let your trainer know about them before your session.

What is the 8-week gym access?

During the 8 week Boot Camp term, Non Health Club members can use our health club and participate in all group fitness classes provided they have attended their weekly session.Terms and Conditions apply.