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Williamstown Sailing Club Partners with BayFit for Container Deposit Scheme

Williamstown Sailing Club Partners with BayFit for Container Deposit Scheme cover

In a bid to bolster fundraising efforts and promote environmental sustainability, Williamstown Sailing Club has teamed up with BayFit to facilitate the collection of drink containers as part of Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme.

Patrons visiting BayFit may have noticed signage and orange collection tubs strategically placed in the reception area and gym entrance. These serve as drop-off points for acceptable 10-cent soft drink cans, bottles, water bottles, and similar items. The initiative aims to support the sailing club's fundraising endeavours while advancing environmental conservation efforts.

BayFit has generously agreed to set this up for people to place their acceptable containers," remarked a representative from Williamstown Sailing Club. "As a completely volunteer organization with a community focus, such initiatives are essential for the club to enable more people to enjoy sailing and other activities on our wonderful waterfront and prevent waste from going to landfill."

Every contribution counts toward the club's goals of fostering community engagement and preserving the natural beauty of the waterfront. Additionally, for those unable to drop off containers personally, arrangements can be made for pick-up services.

Maree, a club representative, can be contacted at 0411 286 063 or via email at for further information or to schedule a pick-up.

By participating in this initiative, community members not only support a local organization but also contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Your donations make a difference—join the effort today!

Thank you for your support!


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