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New Squad Program with Altona Swimming Club

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We are excited to introduce our new squad program at BayFit Leisure Centre, in conjunction with Altona Swimming Club. We invite all squad members and our Learn To Swim Family to join the fun and enjoy the relaxed environment of competing.

We have four stages of our squad program; Mini, SwimFit, Bronze, Silver and Gold Squad.

Mini Squad

This is our first squad-level which is available for those swimmers who have gone through our BlueFit Swimming program or those just starting in a squad. This level focuses on introducing the swimmers to competitive swimming and competitions while increasing their fitness by swimming twice a week.


This is our fitness squad that is for swimmers 12 years and older and takes a social and non-competitive approach. Swimmers are encouraged to enjoy swimming as a cross-training activity in a non-competitive environment. This level will continue to focus on stroke technique and fitness.

Bronze Squad

The next level in our squad program is an hour to an hour and a half in duration with the opportunity to attend 2-4 sessions a week with one of those sessions a morning. This level is our junior competitive squad. Swimmers in this level are expected to meet competitive swimming qualifying criteria, with the progression into state-level swimming. Swimmers in this level are required to have fins, finger paddles, a kickboard and a pull buoy with them at every session.

Silver Squad & Gold Squad

We will introduce these levels to BayFit as the program builds and we have swimmers competing at a State and National Level. These programs are up to 2-hour sessions, requiring a minimum of 6 sessions a week which will also include dryland strength training sessions. Swimmers in the gold squads are required to have a pull buoy, fins, snorkel, net bag, kickboard and hand paddles with them at every session.

If you have any enquiries in regards to our squad program please contact our staff at BayFit Leisure Centre on 03 9392 2222.

All squad swimmers are encouraged to join the Altona Swimming Club and compete in swim meets through the affiliations with Swimming Australia, Swimming Victoria, and Metro West Swimming District.

The club holds regular intraclub meets and is run by a friendly committee made up of parents. To find out more or to join the club please visit their website.

If you have any questions relating to the Altona Swimming Club please send your enquiry through to


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