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June 5, 2019

Beat the price rise!

Avoid the price changes towards the end of the financial year by indulging in our very special promotion running for the month of June that allows you to get 5 additional visits when you purchase any of our 25 visit pass packs!

These passes are a great option for regular visitors as they are cheaper than paying for single casual entry. They can be purchased at reception so get down to the centre and take advantage of this amazing deal!

Offer expires 30th June 2019. This offer does not include PT sessions.

Find out more by giving us a call on (03) 9392 2222.


April 5, 2019

Is your child struggling with a skill? Do you want to ensure your child is safe in the water and doesn’t forget their skills over winter?

Join our Autumn Holiday Program and give them an advantage in the pool! The program consists of 30-minute classes run across 5 consecutive days. The program helps build confidence and progression through consistency and repetition. If you are interested in booking into the program email bayfit@bluefitswimming.com.au or see reception for more details.

Swim Program Dates:
Mon 8th – Fri 19th April

Please note there will be no classes on the public holidays, Good Friday the 19th of April.


April 4, 2019

At a time when keeping connected with loved ones is as easy as lifting your mobile phone from your pocket, it is comforting to know that those close to us really are within reach at any given moment. However, when it comes to supervising your child at our (or any) swimming pools, the concept of being within arms reach has an even greater significance.

Here, it is a matter of life and death.

Over the last few months, our lifeguards have saved the lives of several children whose parents or guardians were otherwise preoccupied on their phones – one of the recoveries occurred within arms reach of the parent, who was too busy on their phone.

Our lifeguards are an important safety feature but they DO NOT replace the close supervision of accompanying adults. A puddle of water is enough to cause an infant to drown, and as many as 20% of near-drowning survivors suffer permanent neurological disability.

We understand how easy it is to have new notifications or having the latest news at your fingertips but we urge you to remember the reason why you are where you are. It is for the sake of the loved one(s) who, at this moment are relying on you.

Keep safe and happy swimming for all of our customers!


February 25, 2019
You’ve signed up for swimming, gotten the kids ready, packed the car, brought a change of clothes and even packed their favourite treats only to arrive at the pool with a screaming inconsolable child that is too scared to swim. Many of us have been there, it can be tough. Here are some helpful tips to get your child to love the water!
Understanding where the fear comes from
In young children, fear is often related to developmental advances that give kids a new (but not always realistic) awareness of potential dangers. As they pass different developmental milestones they develop fears based on their perception of danger, reality and imagination.
Couple this with a bad experience can lead to a prolonged period of fear. A slip in the tub that momentarily dunked his face in the water or a loud motorboat that startled him at the beach can spook a child for months afterward.
Tips for Overcoming the fear?
  • Always take your child’s fear seriously but don’t overreact or overdramatise it.
  • Praise and encourage your child when he tries to overcome fear. Express confidence he will eventually succeed.
  • Find ways to break the feared experience into small, manageable steps eg. practice “swimming” in the bath, dip feet and toys into the toddler pool until they are comfortable.
  • Give your child frequent reassurance she is safe. One technique to try is for you to go into the water and have your child throw a toy at you. You then bring the toy to the pool edge and continue this activity to reassure them that its safe and you will guide them back to the pool edge.
  • Find storybooks that discuss the fear to read with your child. EG. Peppa and George Go Swimming,
  • Familiarise your child with the pool before starting lessons and keep pool sessions short. Start with 5-10 minutes if your child really isn’t comfortable and slowly increase them over time.
  • Get the right equipment- Whether its Batman swimmers, Peppa Pig goggles, bath toys or floaties. Make sure you are equipped to give them the best possible experience. Just remember that floaties can provide a false sense of security to and are in no way a good substitute for actually being able to swim —  so keep your little one at arm’s length whether she’s wearing a flotation aid or not.
  • If getting their face wet is the issue, dip a cloth or sponge in the pool and dab one another’s face so they can get used to the wetness. Have them bring a handful of water up to her mouth and blow bubbles. Blow a rubber duck across the surface, slowly working on getting the face closer to the water.
  • Be patient. Respect that your child is genuinely fearful and don’t force them to go any faster than they are able. Try each of these activities as many times as necessary until your child become comfortable
  • Do not wait until your child gets older to teach them to swim. Fear does not necessarily diminish with age. Safe and positive exposure to the water will help diminish the fear
  • Make it fun!
  • Stay positive, be patient and don’t give up. While it can be disheartening to feel like the only parent with a screaming child, most of us have been there. Keep taking small steps towards the goal of swimming!


January 17, 2019

BlueFit Swimming are proud to have make up lessons available for our learn to swim students. Through the parent portal you can mark an absence and book your make up lessons.

Parents now have access to the parent portal which allows you to manage your class bookings including:

  • Mark yourself absent and book make ups
  • Access swim school resources
  • Update Payment Details
  • Check class progress
  • Pay Outstanding Fees
  • Book additional Lessons

To access the portal head to www.bluefitswimming.com.au/myportal

Don’t forget learn to swim students also have access to the aquatic centre free 7 days a week!

For more information about our learn to swim program contact altona@bluefitswimming.com.au


January 17, 2019

Now is the perfect time to enrol in swimming lessons! Make the most of the warm weather and get the kids swimming in our leading learn to swim program!

Bluefit Swimming has a specific focus on water confidence and the basic skills of swimming.

We have a strong emphasis on developing aquatic safety and developing the confidence of children in the aquatic environment.

Our team of Swim Instructors and Coaches are all professionally qualified and have been selected based on a combination of their knowledge, coaching skills, ability to communicate and build rapport with your child.

To find out more click here


December 6, 2018

Dear swim school families,

As you know, the Learn to Swim program at BayFit Altona has changed from Carlile Swimming to BlueFit Swimming.

BlueFit have recently taken over the management of the BayFit Leisure Centre, and have now extended this to include the operation of the swim school. This combined management allows BlueFit to provide great benefit to our students with initiatives such as free access to the centre 7 days a week.

We worked with the Carlile Swimming team to ensure a seamless transition and this includes the retention of all existing staff.  This includes the same teacher that your child is comfortable with.

Below is a range of information about this transition and your lesson. Importantly, there is nothing you need to do for this transition. You will see the team in different uniforms, signage will change and the level names will change, however it’s business as usual.

This change will give you additional benefits such as make-up lessons and student access to the facility outside of class times. We’re excited by the change.

Frequently asked questions

  • What other locations does BlueFit Swimming operate from?
  • Will lessons prices changes?
  • What level will my child be in?
  • What is the parent portal?
  • Will your teachers remain the same?
  • What happens if my child is sick & is unable to attend lessons?
  • What are the discounts that are available?
  • Can I enrol a sibling or friend?
  • Swimming Year Round. What is a Perpetual Program?
  • How do I access the facility outside of lessons?
  • I wish to know how my child is progressing – who do I ask?
  • Is there anything I need to do when I arrive for my first BlueFit Swimming lesson?
  • Arrive Early
  • During your lesson
  • Stay on site, grab a coffee
  • After your lesson
  • What to bring
  • Rewards / Specials
  • Questions?
What other locations does BlueFit Swimming operate from?

BlueFit Swimming is located in 16 swim schools across Australia.

Will lessons prices changes?

The class prices will remain the same with the next monthly debit as normal on the 1st December. Class fees will move to a family-friendly fortnightly direct debit cycle starting Friday 4th January 2019 based on the same class fee.

What level will my child be in?

You will remain in exactly the same classes however the level names will change. Click here to view the level conversion between BlueFit Swimming and Carlile Swimming.

What is the parent portal?

The parent portal allows you to view your child’s progress, book make-up classes, pay outstanding fees and view important swim school resources. You will have access to the parent portal from January 2019.

Will your teachers remain the same?

All teachers are remaining through the changeover, which is a fantastic outcome for the program and ensures your child has continuity with their lessons.

What happens if my child is sick & is unable to attend lessons?

From January 2019 students will be able to mark themselves absent up to 14 days before and 2 hours prior to their lesson via the parent portal.  Students have 1 make up lesson per calendar month per booking. Make up lessons are not transferable or refundable.

What are the discounts that are available?

Our discount structure is slightly different to what you were used to with Carlile Swimming.  Below is a link to the discounts that will be applicable to your lessons from January onwards. Click herefor more information about our class discounts.

Can I enrol a sibling or friend?

If you are a previous Carlile Swimming student, there is no need to book an assessment. For new students, assessments will be available Monday to Friday from 4pm – 6pm.
Bookings held every 15minutes and all of your children can be assessed together.
Click here to make a booking

Swimming Year Round. What is a Perpetual Program?

Like many swim schools, including Carlile Swimming, BlueFit Swimming is not term-based. Our program continues throughout the year, swimming through the School Holidays. Classes do not run on Public Holidays and we close over the Christmas and New Year break. These dates will be advertised in advance and you never pay for classes that are not scheduled. Please click here to visit the current swim school calendar. A 2019 Victorian Calendar will be release in early December.

How do I access the facility outside of lessons?

BlueFit offers the opportunity for your children to come and practice their swimming skills outside of their scheduled lesson time. Upon presentation of the BlueFit Swimming entry card, children can enter the facility with a full fee paying adult.
Children under 6 years of age: A parent or guardian is free with the child, the parent MUST be in the water with the child.
Children from 6 years of age: A parent or guardian pay entry and MUST be in the centre with the child (they can be a spectator).

I wish to know how my child is progressing – who do I ask?

You will be able to view this in the portal from January onwards.
We assess all children in the program every 4-6 weeks in their class. We continually monitor all children’s progress in conjunction with their swim teacher. If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, please speak to the Pool Deck Coordinators who are always on duty. It is the Pool Deck Coordinators role to provide customer service and feedback on program participants. As you can appreciate, our swim instructors need to focus on their class at all times!

Is there anything I need to do when I arrive for my first BlueFit Swimming lesson?

No, everything remains the same. Upon arrival, have your card scanned at reception. We will swap your Carlile Swimming card over to a BlueFit Swimming card though in December. Once you have scanned in you will be given a coloured token. Before your child enters the lesson, they can then place the token in the corresponding box in front of your lesson area.  In the first few weeks this will be the same area you are used to, however may change as we have access to more of the pool.Lane maps will be available at reception. Students are required to have a guardian with them to enter the facility.

Arrive Early

There are some technical hoops we will jump through in this transition, so if you are able to arrive 5 to 10 mins early in the first few weeks, this may assist. This will also help avoid the stress of running late to your lesson. It is important that children arrive to their lesson calm and ready to learn.

During your lesson

We like to start our lessons with a quick skill review and we find this key to getting the children ready to learn and practice. It is important that our teachers are able to focus on the students throughout the lesson. Please direct any questions to the Pool Deck Co-ordinators (PDC’s) who can be found on pool deck in white BlueFit Swimming shirts

The first two weeks of the program will include a lot of assessing as we ensure all students have been placed in the correct levels. Our PDC’s assess students regularly and mark skills off as they are completed. This will then automatically update in the parent portal under the class progress section. We anticipate to launch the parent portal at Altona in January.

Stay on site, grab a coffee

A reminder that parents are required to stay on site at all times. This is something that is legally required by aquatic venues. Why not use this opportunity to relax and have a coffee?

After your lesson

Swimming before and after the lesson is encouraged as it offers the children time to practice and develop the skills they are learning. Students have free access to the centre outside of swim lesson with a full paying adult unless the child is under 6 in which case entry is free for both.

If your child is under 6 and swimming outside of their lessons they must wear their yellow wristband and you need to stay within arms reach.

What to bring

All swimming equipment required for your lesson will be provided by BlueFit Swimming.
You will however need to bring the following items:
•    A towel for your child and you (where applicable) .
•    Suitable swimwear
•    Tie up long hair or wear a swim cap to keep hair off face
•    Well fitted goggles – available for purchase at reception
•    Swim Nappies for any child not yet toilet trained.
•    In cooler weather, a beanie, warm hat or “Hoodie” for your child after the lesson. This will help to keep them warm and healthy through the cooler months.

Rewards / Specials

We’re looking to further improve the usage of the facility and will soon be launching specials to get swim school parents into the gym. Keep an eye out for these in early 2019


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email altona@bluefitswimming.com.au or talk with our customer service team from Saturday onwards


December 4, 2018

Want to build your child’s confidence in the water? Kickstart their swimming progress in 2019 with our Holiday Intensives and Stroke Clinics.

Swimming is an important life skill and we urge all parents to ensure their children a swim safe this Summer. Our Holiday Intensives have been designed to significantly improve your child’s swim skills over a short period, with students taking part in lessons every day over a period of 5 days.

It is this successive repetition that makes it the ideal program to boost your child’s skills and water confidence.

Week 1: Monday 7th – Friday 11th January

Week 2: Monday 14th – Friday 18th January

Week 3: Monday 21st – Friday 25th January

Please email altona@bluefitswimming.com.au to book your spot.


November 5, 2018

Dear valued BayFit Member,

As you may be aware, Leisure Management Services (LMS), the current managers of the BayFit Aquatic Centre, have agreed to assign the management to BlueFit, an experienced leisure facility operator now located in Victoria.  BlueFit will assume management control of your facility on Thursday 1st November 2018.

The overarching message is that the programs and services that you have come to expect at your facility will still very much be a part of our operation when the doors open next Thursday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my membership price remain the same?

Yes it will.  Your membership price will be unchanged following the transition.  The prices for the facility are set by Hobson’s Bay City Council and are reviewed each year as part of the overall Council fees and charges schedule.  Price rises traditionally occur around July 1 of each year, so there will be no immediate plans to review pricing. BlueFit will engage in the standard council process some time in 2019.

Will my direct debit arrangements be the same? Will I need to give my bank details again?

Your direct debit details will remain exactly the same.  Debit authority is with the facility and will transfer. You do not need to provide your banking details again.

Will the group fitness timetable be changing?  Will we lose classes?

The group fitness timetable will remain exactly the same following the transition. We do hope the instructors are keen to continue. As with any facility that BlueFit manage, we will engage in a robust review process in consultation with staff and members throughout the year and determine what classes are working, which ones are not and what new classes do we want to add.  We will always communicate openly with our members if changes are to be made to the timetable in future.

Will the staff be the same?

It is hoped that the majority of staff commit to the centre following transition and continue to serve you, our valued members.  So we expect you will see the same smiling, happy faces, just in a new uniform

Will the operating hours of the facility change?

The operating hours will remain the same.  Whilst we have no timelines on this project, BlueFit will continue to review the potential introduction of 24/7 access to the gym.

Will BlueFit be adding anything new to the centre or making any improvements?

Immediate improvements will be made, however we are hesitant to list potential new programs and services until we get there and meet you all. The facility has received new spin bikes and the accessible changeroom near the spa and steam room will be reinstated in the next couple of weeks. Council and BlueFit will work closely to determine the future of the steam room. There are strong intentions from BlueFit to engage in some minor painting works around high traffic areas and changerooms before the end of 2018 as well and doing some detailed cleaning across the facility to improve the overall experience and enjoyment of our members.

What does all of this really mean and how does it affect me?

It shouldn’t affect you much at all, other than there is a new leadership team pushing to improve your services.

Will Swim School be changing?

Everything will stay the same with Swim school at this stage and Carlile will continue to run the program.

What will happen with my crèche bookings?

All crèche bookings will be carried across to BlueFit, so continue booking in as normal. We are working through a lengthy process to transfer the crèche license.

For urgent questions on this transition please feel free to make contact through the www.bluefit.com.au website, otherwise we will see on the 1st with plenty of info then.


Todd McHardy


BlueFit Pty Ltd